Olymbos is an impressive traditional village in the north of Karpathos island within 58 kilometers from the capital. It combines beautiful natural scenery and fascinating traditional architecture. The locals are friendly and keep their native traditions with respect. The village attracts more and more visitors. 

It offers few opportunities for accommodation, but the visit to the village will reimburse you. Access from the capital by car or by tour boat to Diafani and from there by bus. 

Olymbos is a traditional village of Karpathos. It is located at an altitude of 250 meters, along the neck connecting two mountains of northern Karpathos.
The western side of Olympus is steep and standing on a cliff leading to the sea while the eastern side is smooth and offers access to the port, Diafani.

Olymbos is a distinct community since 1948. The total area is 104.876 km2 community and its limits included the northern part of the island of Karpathos and Saria.
Olymbos community has a population of 761 residents and includes the villages of Avlona, Diafani and Tristomo and islets Saria, Astakida, Astakidopoulo, Diavounia and Hamili.

In ancient times the main cities of the north Karpathos was Vrykousand Nisiros which was built around the coast of the strait between Karpathos and Saria.
In the 7th century AD due to pirate raids, mainly Saracen pirates, the inhabitants of the cities left their original homes and sought refuge in the mountainous and most inaccessible parts of the island so to establish the current settlement.
The settlement was built along the medieval architecture of the island villages and the image retains almost unchanged today.
The name Olymbos has in the former name of the mountain on which it was built, which today is called Profitis Ilias.
Olymbos remained isolated from the rest of Greece, even from the rest of Karpathos thus developed unique traditions, many elements of which still retains.
Typical is the traditional costume of the region still worn today by women of Olymbos.
Until the 1980's, the road linking the settlement with the rest of the island was very rough so that the communication with the rest of the settlement Karpathos occurs mainly by sea from the port of Diafani.
The improvement of roads helped the development of tourism in the region which was rapidly after 1990.

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