To get to Olymbos or Diafani you can use the ferry which can take you to Karpathos or Diafani port.

More information about ferries here:


Also you can use airplane to Karpathos airport.

More information about airplanes here:


Bus Diafani-Olymbos-Diafani

Boat Karpathos-Diafani-Karpathos


You can rent a car from Karpathos (Pigadia)


From     To     km     Duration
Karpathos Airport Karpathos (Pigadia) 13,5 0 hour 20 minutes
Olymbos 56 1 hour 10 minutes
Diafani 62,3 1 hour 20 minutes
Karpathos (Pigadia) Olymbos 42,6 0 hour 50 minutes
Diafani 49 1 hour 00 minutes
Diafani Olymbos 8,5 0 hour 12 minutes

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